Glint LineageII High Five Crafter PvP

Game Information

Game Version High Five
EXP x100
Drop x4
Spoil x4
Adena x4
Quest Drop x3
Normal Enchant 45% (+3 to +12)
Blessed Enchant 50% (+3 to +12)
Safe Enchant +3
Max Enchant +12
Max Accounts / IP 3 Accounts

Premium Rates

EXP x250
Drop x11
Spoil x11
Adena x12
Normal Enchant 60% (+3 to +12)
Blessed Enchant 65% (+3 to +12)
Foundation +%9
Crafter +%15
K.E. x11
Events x3
Autofarm Active
GoToMob Active
Buff +30 Active
Infinite SS Active
Infinite Talismans Active
Auto-Potion For Adenas Active


Queen ant Level: 80+ 24 Hour Random +12/-12
Core Level: 80+ 32 Hour Random +12/-12
Orfem Level: 80+ 32 Hour Random +12/-12
Baium Level: 80+ 128 Hour Random +12/-12
Beleth 128 Hour Random +12/-12
Antharas 168 Hour Random +12/-12
Valakas 264 Hour Random +12/-12
Max Character in Zone Boss 1 For IP
Max Same Clan in Zone Boss 27


Period End Day 1 / Day 11 / Day 21
Max Enchant +6
Olympiad Trainer Active Yes
Points For Olmpiad Trainer 1 Points
Anti-Feader Active Yes
Commands Active Yes
1x1 FREE 4 Player
1x1 Specific 11 Player
3x3 Team 4 Team
Oly Commands .seeres / .oly / .status / .equip

Siege and TW

Siege Time Every Sundays
TW Time Every Saturdays
Max Wards For Castle 3
Max Character in Zone Siege 1 For IP
Max Same Clan in Zone Siege 27
Anti-Zerg Active Yes

Game Commands

.offbuff Open store buffs
.autofarm Open Premium Auto Farm Interface
.autoplay Open Free Auto Farm Interface
.report Report a suspicious bot player
Currently this is only one server.